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Spammed or defrauded?

SPAMMED: During late 2001 (and again in mid 2002 and early 2010) we became aware that someone has been sending large amounts of junk mail using an (old) Ashpoint e-mail address. This has created the impression that our Company is sending the junk mail.

We have no knowledge about this junk e-mail or of the sender(s) and are advised that it is a common ploy for perpetrators to use "stolen" e-mail addresses to disguise their identity as the sender of offending e-mail messages.

DEFRAUDED: During late 2014 we began receiving (on occasions hostile) phone calls from folk who had a charge on their credit card attributable to Ashpoint. Eventually it was tracked to forgotten spending at the New Sydney Hotel based in Hobart.

The background to the story is that every eftpos terminal has to have a unique "name." The New Sydney Hotel had chosen Ashpoint, a name they had plucked from the air for one of their devices. We are hoping that the New Sydney Hotel has fixed the matter and the problem will not re-occur.

Of course we are very sorry that you have been spammed or were concerned by a strange transaction where our name seemed to be implicated. We had nothing to do with the matter (nor would we)

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