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The Function Manager

The Function Manager was created after we did a favour for a friend and created a neat little FoxPro software package to handle the guests at his daughter's wedding . Subsequently we realised there was a need for such software and we refined it to the extent that we have packaged it ready for sale. We removed the focus from Weddings so that the software can be used wherever there is a function requiring invitations to be sent and guests to be tracked.

People are using Function Manager to handle functions such as Confirmations, Birthday Parties, Company gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, etc.

Function Manager will:

  • Assist you to design and print your invitations
  • Track invitations sent out
  • Unlimited number of invitations
  • Unlimited number of guests
  • Track acceptances of individual guests (not invitations) as they reply back to you
  • Assist you to allocate tables to the guests coming to your reception
  • Swap and mix guests to and from tables
  • Print out Table Listings (by guest and by table) so that seating plans can be laid
  • Print Table Place Cards
  • Track gifts received from Guests and report if Thank You notes have been sent
  • Maintain a To Do list of important tasks ahead
  • Export data to external tables for use as mail merge sources etc
  • Make backup copies of data to floppy disks to secure your data
A full version of Function Manager is available from Ashpoint Pty Limited. You can download our order form and fax/mail it to us. Price is $70 (Australian dollars) Air Mail post paid. That's about $US50! If you order Function Manager directly from us we will supply it as a single CD-ROM.

The software requires an IBM compatible computer running Windows 3.11 or better with at least 5 Mb of free hard disk space. A printer is required if you wish to print invitations and reports from within the Function Manager.

Function Manager was written by Brian McKillop of Brian A. McKillop & Associates and you are invited to visit his Web Page to see an illustrated rendition of Function Manager.

Trial version of Function Manager is also availabe for download (2.5 Mb). It has full capabilities of Function Manager, but is limited to five invitations. Upon payment of the registration fee, we will issue you an unlock key to allow you to handle large number of invitations. Download the file into a new subdirectory and run it to extract all the files. Finally run the SETUP.EXE program from within Windows to install the Function Manager.

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